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I honor this me

who struggled to get to this place,

this me who remained focused

when it was unclear

where to go next,

who was always willing

to reach out

one more last time,

never tiring of searching

and never giving up hope

of a gentler way.

And so, taking one more leap,

I set her free.

- In honor of all who dare to return to the heart, embracing a gentler way

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Mystic lakes

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Lake District

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My first steps
I stood there teetering, so proud,
ecstatic as a baby bird learning it could fly.
When I looked back,
my smile about to
break my face,
I couldn’t find you.
Mommy, where were you?

My first day of school
boarded onto that noisy, clackety bus
going to a strange place
kids crowding, adults peering,
the whole world new to me.
Mommy, where were you?

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As I forgive myself,

I become younger

and younger,

it is the little girl


who is being


Stillness in nature

Look at a tree,

a flower,

a plant.

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Singing meditation

Breathing in, Breathing Out
Breathing in, Breathing Out
I am blooming as a flower
I am fresh as the dew Continue Reading »