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A flower is like a soul,

it opens up to the sun.


See. Smell. Appreciate.



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Mindfully observing colours

Mindfully observing colours and shapes


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Just discovered how zoom 24x makes me feel closer to nature…

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The meaning of the iris flower is rainbow and at Greeks, Iris was a goddess, a messenger of love.

Iris flowers – Watercolour – by Kha

That is why in Greeks myths the iris flower has many meanings, depending on its colour.

Watercolour - by Kha

Blue Iris – Watercolour – by Kha

The blue iris symbolizes faith and hope, the yellow one is a symbol of passion.

Yellow iris – Watercolour – by Kha

Regardless of its colour the iris flower offers  striking uniqueness and beauty to our eyes.

Iris flowers by Kha

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The beauty around me

The flowers

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet”
– Albert Schweitzer

Let’s enjoy the simple beauty that surrounds us…

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