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In a moment of difficulty I place my both hands on my heart and breath deeply in and out. Then I repeat kindly to myself:

This is a moment of suffering.
Suffering is part of life.
May I be kind to myself in this moment.


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Laurie's Gentle Healing Notes

I honor this me

who struggled to get to this place,

this me who remained focused

when it was unclear

where to go next,

who was always willing

to reach out

one more last time,

never tiring of searching

and never giving up hope

of a gentler way.

And so, taking one more leap,

I set her free.

– In honor of all who dare to return to the heart, embracing a gentler way

– Please visit Becca Givens to find more nurturing posts.

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I normally keep it to myself how profoundly I’ve been wounded in my childhood, as it is a place where I haven’t been able to find enough love and compassion. Now I’m hoping I can bring it there myself, and I’m hoping I can be able to tolerate to send love to myself and I can truly accept myself…

where deepest wound resides


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When I feel bad and my body is overwhelmed by stress I’m practicing this self compassion meditation.

Self compassion

Self compassion


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What was it really like to be
the little child inside me,
the one I have been scolding for so long?

Learning self love

Learning self love

When I was a little child
what I wanted more that anything else
was for the people around to love and accept me exactly how I was. (more…)

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I hold my face in my two hands.

No, I am not crying.

I hold my face in my two hands,

in order to keep my loneliness warm.

Two hands to nourish

Two hands to protect.

Two hands to prevent my soul

from leaving me in anger.


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‘If all you did was put your hand on your heart and wish yourself well, it would be a moment well spent’The now effect

Here is my self-compassion practice for today. I found this  ‘hands on heart’ meditation and I believe it is very fulfilling. It creates connection between my heart and mind allowing me to be surrounded by peace and safety.

hands on heart meditation


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